Aftermarket accessories and trim for your car or truck



    Few things are as luxurious as real leather. There's just nothing like it!


     Whether you're looking for a special leather interior, heated seats or accessories for the interior of your vehicle, there's nothing quite like the look and feel of real leather. And we have you covered (in leather that is).


     You don't have to buy a new vehicle just to upgrade to leather. Maybe you only want the leather without all the 'other' upgrades that come with a more expensive model. You want the look, feel and smell you experienced when you sat in that showroom car the other day.


     You can have all of that for a fraction of the cost. This can be much more affordable that buying a new car when all you really want is leather seats. We have custom leather interiors and accessories from a number of different manufacturers to cover your ever need. Leather truly is a premium upgrade that will not only provide years of enjoyment but add value to your ride as well.


     Oh, and did we mention that we have 'Heated' seats too. Yes, and for the same, more affordable option, we can install these also.


     Here are a few of the many benefits of real leather seat coverings:


      1. Long life.

      2. Easy to clean & maintain.
      3. Better cooling of the cabin when A/C is on.
      4. No odor like fabric seats emanate at times.
      5. Gives off a neat smell in the cabin if properly polished.


     ATD of Helena features genuine leather as well as other premium materials, made into seat covers, heated seats and all types of accessories for your every need.


     Here is the link to the best in the business, Katzkin. Because of the quality of their products we feel they are the best in the business.


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